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We must learn to govern alongside each other,
NOT in spite of each other!

We Americans have far more in common with each other than not. We yearn for safety, prosperity, peace, and joy. Our disagreement is largely over how we can reach these goals and live fulfilling lives.

Most Americans have faith, love our families, and cherish our children. Many of us know and all of us can learn that the United States of America is a republic. It is NOT a democracy. This distinction is what makes our system of government unique in history. 

A democracy marginalizes men and women who disagree with the majority opinion. A republic is the ONLY way to adequately represent people with different beliefs and cultures. 

I do not claim to be more qualified than the next person to hold office. My upbringing, life experience, and faith that our inalienable rights come from God, gives me confidence I can legislate for people and families in all walks of life.


  • I have created and been responsible for multi-million-dollar budgets.

  • I have negotiated real estate transactions and multi-year, multi-million-dollar group purchasing agreements.

  • I have developed multi-tiered project plans that designed, manufactured, and delivered product on-time, on/under budget, and within legal frameworks when required.

  • I was part of a small team that worked with the company human resources department to assess hiring practices, develop job descriptions, and implement new departments when needed.

  • I have lectured extensively, taught school, studied law, and traveled a lot.

  • I played varsity basketball, softball, and volleyball in high school.

  • I volunteered one summer to work in a camp for mentally and physically handicapped children.

  • I began childcare service and afterschool programs sponsored by the community center on Albrook Air Force Base when I was 15-17. I taught Sunday school.

  • I helped run an annual bicycle ride for 10 years from New York City to Montauk, the farthest eastern point of the United States.

  • I led a community effort to preserve unique, New York City architecture called “taxpayers”, a building response to the Great Depression, raising over $250,000 in small-dollar donations. I was invited to speak at Columbia University.

  • I am a voracious reader, a terrific listener, and I love doing research.

  • I never have gotten news from television. In fact, the television I had while living in New York was kept in a closet and used only if there was an emergency like in the aftermath of massive blackouts and 9/11.

  • I had an unobstructed view of the Twin Towers from my conference room windows shortly after the first plane hit the North Tower. 102 minutes later I watched this tower collapse on an 8-story high screen that was broadcasting at 59th Street and Central Park South. Thousands and thousands of men and women were gathered. The silence was deafening but then came the collected wailing of people from all walks of life.

  • I engaged with local authorities to develop emergency response plans for our employees.

  • I had a small tax preparation business and a retail operation in Ventura County. The county government’s overreach and outsized influence in response to COVID at the behest of Sacramento and in the quest for money destroyed my businesses just like it destroyed and damaged countless other small business owners, families, and school-aged children.


Putting the genie back in the bottle will not be easy but it must be done. Bringing Agenda 47 principles and discipline to District 38 can turn dreams into destiny. There are solutions

*P.S. I like to cook, but I do not dust! I ask for your vote! Thank you.

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