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VOTE November 5th!

What keeps you up at night? The price of groceries? The cost of gasoline? Rent? Mortgage payments? Your family's future? Safety? Utility rates? Keeping your job? Retirement? Your child's education? Healthcare? War? Strangers pouring across our borders?

Governments are too big. Politicians take too much money out of our pockets. AND, too often elected officials and unelected bureaucrats act outside their constitutional authority. Putting the genie back in the bottle will not be easy but, it must be done.

Agenda 47


District 38








I believe in personal responsibility in a moral society, balanced budgets, and an accountable, strategic social safety net with measurable results.

I believe in putting America First in the world, California first in America, and legislating for District 38 as my number one priority! I will govern for our district’s benefit, not for special interest groups, lobbyists, Sacramento’s governing elite, or unelected bureaucrats.

It is not government’s role to…

Control the world’s wealth and resources.

Dominate personal life choices.

Operate our businesses.

Regulate our families.

Educate our children.

Manage our health.

It is government’s role to…

Oversee public projects for shared services, safety, and infrastructure.

Encourage public communities to work together, benefiting individuals.

Remove public obstacles that stop private businesses from thriving.

Support public programs that teach the content of our Constitution.

Provide public incentives for the creation of family units.

Offer public messaging for healthy lifestyles.

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What qualifies me to run for this office?

This question encourages a terrible misunderstanding of what it means to be “qualified” to hold an elected office in our American republic.


Should it be the political professional who has held an elected position for nearly two generations (50 years) like my opponent has? Should they be presidents of Ivy League universities some of whom resigned when it was discovered they had plagiarized (lied) their way to “success”?


Or, should they be men and women like you and me who have faith, love our families, and cherish our freedom?


As adults, my mother always set the table with the best silverware, china, and crystal. Shortly before she was killed in a car accident in 1984 when I was 28, the two of us were eating dinner at her place. I asked why she set such a beautiful table just for us. Mom said, “Nobody is better than you or me who sits at my table. We deserve the best just as everyone else does!”


So, instead of claiming “qualifications”, I offer my resume to you, “the people”, the men and women I ask to hire me at the ballot box!

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